2184-16MDS is a personal travel planning service to Turkey and beyond. We do develop and handle customized travel programs for travelers who are bored of cookie cutter programs and who wish to have unique, memorable, personal experiences.

MDS designs personalized itinerary based on your dates, travel preferences, activity level and personal style. Travelling with MDS is like traveling to a destination where you have local friends who know you well, and who are able to offer you the best of their locale according to your personal preferences.

FS-transferThe range of activities we offer, goes from booking a hotel room which will suit your travel style and touring must-see attractions to highly customized and exclusive activities that only insiders can really know about and arrange- from private viewing of museums, to having meals in appealing venues not listed in guide books or private houses, to visiting interesting places not known to the uninitiated, to partying like the locals; all designed to give you the real vibe of the destination and immerse into local lifestyle.


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