Aya Irini Ana resimTurkey; home to numberless civilizations, in the crossroads of ancient trading routes, The Silk Road and the Spice Road, connecting north to south, east to west,  adorned with amazing natural beauties, fertile land surrounded with the plentiful seas of Aegean, Mediterranean and Black Sea, enjoying each of the four seasons distinctively lived in abundance since history started.

During the course of the history it was given many different names; Fertile Crescent, Asia Minor, Anatolia, just a few that comes quickly to one’s mind.

Since thousands of years Asia Minor attracted high achievers from all around the world: Jason the Argonauts, Alexander The Great, Julius Caesar, Saint Paul, Rumi; some of the well known travelers who visited this unique piece of land, to achieve their dreams. They all left their marks on this land and in return this land left its mark on them.

Nowhere in the world is more rewarding for your high performing staff , top achievers, key clients. Your event in Turkey will open their minds, touch their hearts, and enrich their soul.

DSC51484Ps of a Successful Event: MDS is dedicated to design a Program to align People to your Purpose in unique Places.

We commit to deliver a Creative, Cost effective program that will be remembered for many years to come.

Young creative team with combined experience of many decades, coming from different segments of travel industry all adding their specific strengths, knowledge, experience and relations to design custom made solutions to your Gordian Knot of meetings and incentives challenge.

Creativity does not mean to be more expensive or slow, on the contrary creativity means coming up with alternatives that exceeds your expectations while staying within your budget. With our buying power we deliver a higher Return on your Investment. Our deep and rooted relationship with hotels, catering partners, decoration and entertainment partners becomes a great asset while implementing a skillfully tailored program to your M.I.C.E needs.

SeedNo Trojan Horses: MDS pledges to be transparent in costing, safeguard you from unforeseen costs as well as program failures.

MDS invites you to add more meaning to your event; we will happily recommend and coordinate Social Responsibility Projects with local charities, non profit organizations in line with your corporate projects. In consideration of our planet, we will happily provide Green Events solutions.

Private viewing of the selected museums and various archeological sites in Turkey after its official visiting hours, followed by an on-site catering, will be a crown jewel for any event. A concert or a Sema Ritual of the Whirling Derwishes will further enrich your spectacular evening. No doubt that this unique experience will be remembered by the delegates for many years to come.


Please contact info@mdsturkey.com to see how we can be of assistance to you for your M.I.C.E. needs.

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